Welcome to the Terminal


Everyone wants a spectacular cancer survivor story, but the reality is about 569,000 people die each year from it in the U.S. alone. My mom will most likely be added to that list soon. She had a cancer survivor story once… twice actually. But it’s back for the third time now, and there’s no surviving this.

I’ve given up hope a long time ago about her getting better. My only hope now is for her to have a peaceful death. I feel the sense of urgency to visit with her as much as possible. To sit by her side and gently hold her hand. To have conversations while she still has the energy and awareness for them.

A few months ago I decided to do a photo series of my mom to capture the reality of living with terminal cancer. I’ll be sharing new photos, personal reflections, and interviews every week. I hope that the many families affected by this disease will find some solace from it.


25 thoughts on “Welcome to the Terminal

  1. Great writing and so heartfelt! I will be following the blog in hopes of keeping up with you and your mother’s condition. Love you all! xoxoxo–Tina

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  2. Dearest Alisha,
    what a beautiful idea, I can’t think of a better gift at this point to give all those who love mom 💕💕💕and beyond to anyone who has someone or knows someone struggling with this disease! I love you so very much and what you stand for💗

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  3. I remember, years ago when I used to attend church every Sunday, the priest talking about a person with a terminal illness. He questioned us how we could possibly make this person’s life better if they and we already knew they were going to die. The priest went on to explain that it’s not that we are going to find a way to make them immortal as we know this is impossible, it’s about making their lives better while they are still alive. We coukd help make them as comfortable as possible. Simple things like freshening up their pillows, helping them feel clean, and just being present for them is all our loving and very mortal beings can do, and that means the world to someone in need of comfort. I would never want to pretend to know how you feel and what you’ve gone through, I just want you to know that my words come from a place of presence and support. I am present for you and am honored to hold space for you and your mom.

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    1. That really is the best advice and a topic I plan on writing about. He couldn’t have been more on point. And those things that seem simple to give, are such a huge concern, especially for someone like my mom who is bedridden and can’t do anything on her own. She would appreciate each of those gifts from people. Thank you for sharing this. I am so touched by your generous words of love. It means a lot to me. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. This is a beautiful thing that you’re doing, Alisha. I know your mom finds comfort in your presence and what a blessing it is to have had her survive twice already, as it has given the grandbabies a chance to know her a bit. Thank you for doing this…I’m sure it means a lot to many people who will read your posts, myself included.

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  5. Thank you for this honest and loving undertaking. My husband’s mother has just been diagnosed and this is her second battle with cancer. Reading your blog will provide our family a lot of support . My love your beautiful mama and to your family. Prayers are with you always.

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  6. What a beautiful, useful and amazing undertaking! I’m so glad you’re doing this Alisha! This is what I would’ve loved to do but I don’t have your skill. Thank you for doing it.
    Love you so very much.

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