Portraits Playlist

Some of you have asked if I could share my playlist from my last post, Letting Go. I made it a few years ago after my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I play it when I need a good cry. I hope whatever hardship you are going through, that it will help you as well. Or you can just enjoy these beautiful songs. … More Portraits Playlist

Letting Go

I thought I was ready to let go, but I guess there is still some work to do. I was visiting with my mom a few nights ago to help her write a letter to family and friends. She wanted to share with them a dream she had and the message she took away from it. As I was looking at her, I caught a glimpse of her previous self. … More Letting Go

Another Year

With 2017 finally here, it means my mom has officially made it to another year. For all the things we want to give thanks to, some of them come at great cost. I’m thankful my mom is still alive, but that means another day with more pain, another day where she is asleep for most of it, and another day she grows weaker and weaker. … More Another Year